Visa Master Agreement

26. Notes: Any notification that Wise must disclose under this agreement only takes effect if Wise actually receives it in accordance with Section 16 and, unless expressly stated otherwise, in writing. General account communications, including a change in address, are subject to the bank`s deposit contract applicable to the account. All deposits made through a BBVA USA ATM are subject to verification and proof and are accepted pursuant to the terms of the deposit agreement and our fund availability policy. Today we are pleased to inform you that we have recently signed an agreement with Mastercard that will accelerate the introduction of payment detokes in the checkout visa and masterpass. The mutual tokenation agreement allows Visa to request payment information from Mastercard for the provision of Visa Checkout, and Mastercard to request visa visa tocanized visa information for availability in masterpass. The ability for each network to request token payment information on the other network ensures that each network`s wallet solutions can remain open to other card brands, while adding the added security of using tokens instead of authentic card numbers. 19. Amendment and termination of agreements: The bank may amend and modify the agreement from time to time, including, but not only on the costs incurred. Any adverse changes or changes, with immediate change necessary to maintain or restore the security of the account or a network of ATMs in which the bank participates, will come into effect electronically no later than 21 days after the notification is transmitted to the entity`s last address in the bank`s records, if the entity has agreed to receive such communications electronically.

, with regular statement of account statement (including electronic periodic bank statements) or made available to the entity. The bank may, but is not required to lay off if the change is made for the benefit of the company. By storing or using the card or allowing another person to use the card after the effective date of an amendment to this Agreement, the entity accepts the change. Any change in the duration or condition of this agreement is effective unless it is accepted or approved in writing by the Bank. Either the company or the bank may terminate the contract in its entirety, or terminate individual or collective card privileges at any time, but such termination does not affect the entity`s existing commitment under this agreement. Each card is owned by the bank, is not transferable and must be delivered to the bank upon request. When operating the site, Mastercard can act as a « service provider » (as defined by DMCA) and offer services as an online provider of hardware and links to third-party sites. As a result, third-party documents that Mastercard does not own or control can be transferred, stored, retrieved or made available through the website. Mastercard has introduced certain legal procedures concerning allegations of copyright infringement on the website and has adopted a directive providing for the immediate removal of content or the suspension of users who find that they have violated the rights of Mastercard or a third party or who otherwise violate intellectual property laws or regulations or to that agreement. If you feel that the material in question infringes copyright, you should use Mastercard on the procedure for terminating alleged offences under the DMCA (17 Us.C. Sect.

512 (c) (2)) Mastercard will immediately respond to remove or disable access to material that may have been breached and will follow the procedures set out in the DMCA to resolve the claim between the notifying party and the alleged offender who provided the content. You should initiate infringement proceedings under the DMCA: Copyright Agent, Mastercard, 2000 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577, Attn: Law De