Uw Oshkosh Roommate Agreement

We will start the year very tight on the square, and space moves are only possible late in the fall semester. We recommend that students use the resources available (roommate agreements, self-inventories and employees) to resolve space conflicts. Being proactive with your roommate relationship is also a good thing. Use the above information to start building a successful roommate relationship. If a conflict cannot be resolved, the following steps must be followed: Students admitted for a room change should expect to be assigned to a room with another resident (new roommate). The task office will send the student the occupancy of the space and corridor by e-mail and will contain the name and contact information (E-mail UWOSH) of the new roommate. Below are some tips on how to build a successful relationship with your roommate. Watch videos how to ask and confirm a roommate, a room and a selection of rooms with a confirmed roommate or a lobby and a selection of rooms – no roommate. Although some roommates never argue and always seem to understand, most roommates will have a conflict from time to time. It`s human nature! Instead of being wary of it, find out how you plan to deal with the situation.

If so, let your Community Councillor (CA) know; They are there for a reason and can help manage the situation. A roommate agreement can be a useful tool for resolving conflicts. How to move a roommate to your room while registering in the room. As soon as students arrive on campus, their Community Advisor (CA) orders them to complete an online Roommate Self-Inventory. Once the two roommates have completed their self-inventory, the results are collected to show preferences that coincide or do not match. The CAs then work with pairs of roommates to find an agreement on preferences that do not coincide. The resulting Roommate Agreement should be used year-round by roommates and CAs in the event of a problem or conflict. The forms below are examples of the types of questions asked about the Roommate Online Self-Inventory Roommate and Agreement.

Students are encouraged to check these materials before arriving on campus, so that they can get an idea of their personal preferences, since they refer to the sharing of a room. Residence Life does not allow any changes with the roommate during the first three weeks of each semester. Give yourself time to feel comfortable and learn to communicate with a roommate. Don`t forget that your roommate adapts as much as you do! Contact your roommate before you arrive at school – find out who brings what, what will be your room disposal, and learn more about your roommate, so you have things to discuss when you arrive in your dorm. If you know who you want as a roommate, you need to do this: In addition to a phone call, Facebook/Twitter/etc. can be a great way to learn more about your roommate. Be prepared, however, to take what you find online about other people with a grain of salt. If you come across things you`re worried about, ask your roommate questions! Online profiles shouldn`t be the only way to learn more about your roommate.

Communication with your roommate is the key! At its discretion, the AHRD/RHD may require a roommate agreement, a roommate placement facility and/or other assistance measures prior to the space modification authorization or as a requirement for the room change processing. All tasks or expectations expressed by AHRD/RHD as part of the space change process are formal instructions from the university and must be completed.