Akademisches Auslandsamt Leipzig Learning Agreement

. Even if we extend your Erasmus stay, we cannot automatically guarantee additional financial assistance. It depends on our Erasmus funding. That is why we will only be able to decide on financial assistance once we have received and reviewed all the requests for an extension and can pay it accordingly. This happens at the end of the academic year (after September 30). . You will find important information about the usual recognition procedures in the guide: The Path to Recognition. Services provided abroad are recognized at the request of the faculty, using a module-by-module comparison. The Faculty Review Committee decides on the recognition of the results and summarizes the results of the evaluation in an evaluation sheet (for internal use of the faculty). Recognition – changes to the apprenticeship agreement . Erasmus Europe Scholarship: The first payment of your Erasmus aid is made after submitting the following documents: If you wish to extend your stay abroad for more than one month, please request an extension of your stay abroad.

You can choose from many Erasmus places in our partner universities in EU countries, as well as Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia and Serbia. Participation in an Erasmus programme is independent of your own nationality. These documents are then sent in the order below and in a PDF file grouped by email to the international staff. Based on the documents submitted, we make a formal selection. Certificate of registration for Erasmus Fellows Europe (103) Courses from the People`s University of Leipzig or the interDaF of the University of Leipzig are organised. Both of these possibilities pay off! Other offers can also be found on the Internet. Utrecht Network cooperates with university networks around the world. This will also allow you to study in the United States or Australia. For more information about the PROMOS program, click here on our website: Call PROMOS In general, the PROMOS scholarship is available for all stays abroad not covered by ERASMUS.